AcWriMo (Academic Writing Month) at UNSW

In November 2015, UNSW joined with other doctoral students and academics from around the world to participate in AcWriMo. The Learning Centre hosted many of these activities and participated in others


About AcWriMo

AcWritMo is an academic write-a-thon open to anyone wishing to improve their writing productivity. The strategy is remarkably simple and effective: participants set their own writing target (for example, you may aim to complete a thesis chapter or journal article), and, with the support of others here and around the world, work towards this goal over the month of November.
AcWriMo was originally started by Charlotte Frost, founder of PhD2Published blog which continues to be the global host for AcWriMo. 

Throughout the month UNSW hosted on-campus and online events and activities to build a network of writers and support participants to meet their writing goals.


 The Learning Centre ran a series of workshops to help HDR students develop their writing. The workshops were:

  • Establishing networks and routines for keeping your writing productive
  • Developing a publication plan from your thesis
  • Writing your first journal article
  • Writing a literature review
  • Making your voice heard in your thesis writing

The Thesis Writing for Art & Design workshop series was also offered. These workshops provides an overview of the thesis writing process, specifically for students whose art practice is a major component of their research.

During AcWriMo, the 'Shut Up and Write' Cafe Meetups offered throughout the year by The Learning Centre were a feature. The Learning Centre also provided individual consultations for HDR students who elected to discuss their writing with a Learning Adviser. 

The Learning Centre also participated in the Gradate Research School’s Thesis Writing Boot Camp.


AProf Sue Starfield and Dr Claire Aitchison talk about AcWriMo

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